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author Klára Polatová.

My love towards cats became apparent during my youth, when I would rescue wandering lonesome kittens and bring them home. Čerinka was with me for two years, however then the calling of freedom was stronger and she escaped through an open window, never to be seen again. Elinka, (full name Electra Glide in Blue) a cross between a domestic cat and most likely a Siamese one, a cuddly kitty kat, a color point one with blue eyes stayed with me for longer. Unfortunately, however, once I had decided to move into a rented flat I had to find her a new home, as she was not allowed in mine. The first noble cat stepped into my life later on - by the time my son was almost two years old. My friend bought a Russian Blue tomcat. His name was Marco and he enchanted us all. My friend also told me a sweet secret – the breeder had kittens, one of which we could take, since she and Marco were not related and thus we could eventually “marry” them. Soon words turned into actions as the whole family set off on a trip to the breeder station ‘z Kajetanky’. Apart from the little kittens that were ready to be adopted, the lady also had a cat from a previous litter, that was almost half a year old – princess Clara z Kajetanky. We took her home and in honour of my second cat we began to call her Elinka. In order for Marco to be able to have kittens with our new cat we attended an exhibition held in Eden for Elinka’s solvency. Elinka “sang” to us throughout the whole car journey and was clearly permanently stressed throughout the exhibition – she tucked in her chin and rolled out her otherwise by the book almond eyes, resulting in her achieving a disappointing Ex2. Right then and there we decided never to trouble her like this again. From then on she was satisfied to serve as a pet cat and lived with us up to the age of eighteen years. Marco, on the other hand, was not as lucky and died of heart failure at the early age of almost three. My breeding ambitions were delayed for the foreseeable future.


When Elinka left to heaven we really missed her. Despite having a dog at home the absence of a cat was clear. So, fourteen days after her departure my son and me decided, that there is nothing to wait for and we set out on a search. Our first choice was a Russian Blue of course, but during the time of our hunt there were no kittens available and our nostalgia grew stronger. I remember that back when we came to pick up our Elinka, the lady also had exquisite medium length haired kitties of the Siberian race, which was a race not yet officially recognised. Hence, I started looking for ads with Siberians. I responded to a few until a lady named Jana Maresova contacted me. They had a boy and a girl available. We took that as a sign and decided that two cats are better than one. However, upon my arrival at Ms. Maresova’s I found out that the boy had already been reserved and so I left with the lady only. I liked Urshula Hairy Huddle (Urshulka) very much and so we made a deal. The kittens were only two months old and so we had to wait for a while. Meanwhile Marketa Schwarzova – another breeder that I had written to, called me and let me know that they still have two boys from the Neva Masquerade race. My son and me went to have a look at them and immediately fell in love with Bastian, despite him not being overly friendly. Bastian was older than Urshula and so he was ready to go with us straight away. Both cats became accustomed with each other quickly. Our original plan was to castrate both cats later on and let them cuddle us further on. However, Jana Maresova evoked some doubt during her “inspection” visit. “If they like each other so much they could have kittens. They are not related and they are of sister breed, so it should not be a problem.” She already had a member pass SCHK, a breeding station registration form and applications for both cats to attend an exhibition in Lysa nad Labem ready in her handbag. And that is basically how it all started…

Siberian Cat (Standard FiFe, valid from 1.1.1998)

General Information Size – Medium to big, cats are usually smaller than tomcats Head Shape – Rather longer than wider, slightly spherical, massive Forehead – Wide, mildly arched Cheekbone – Well developed, situated high Nose – Medium long, wide when viewed from profile with a slight bend, however without a trace Chin – Subtly retreating, creating an upper line of the nose, round shaped like Ears Shape – Medium large, open at the base, with rounded tips, strongly developed inner ear lumps of fur Positioning – Placed wide apart, easily bent forward Eyes Shape – Large, slightly oval shaped Positioning – Somewhat inclined, placed wide apart Colour – United, any colour is possible but green is dominant Body Build – Good bone and muscle structure, strong backside, wide thorax, the body is meant to have a right-angled shape Limbs Paws – Big, round, good hair growth in between toes Tail – Long, strong, with a rounded tip, very hairy from each side, fur not flowing Fur Structure - Medium long, well developed, very dense, under fur not flowing, cover hairs repelling water, a somewhat rougher feel. Summer fur is visibly shorter than winter fur – winter fur has a well-developed breast/bib, collar and ‘pants’ Colour – All colours are possible including combinations of white, with the exception of colour with patches Faults/Flaws General – Too small/delicately structured Head – Long and narrow, with a linear or rounded profile (Persian type) Eyes – Round Ears – Too big and high positioned Limbs - Too big and high positioned Tail – Short Fur – Too smooth or silk like, easily clingy, not enough fur (with the exception of Summer) Note: The class of novices is permitted for cats born in Russia only, any cross race breeding is prohibited, especially with Norwegian Forest cat, Maine Coone and Persian cat.

Neva Masquerade is a Siberian cat with colorpoint. Colorpoint types of kittens have been born to Siberian cats since the beginning of time and have been used from the beginnings of breeding of Siberian cats. In May 2008 during a convention of FIFe in Poprad the Neva Masquerade was established as a sororal breed with the Siberian cat. The standard of the cat is identical, the only difference is in the colour – The Neva Masquerade cats have blue eyes (darker than the norm) and the colouring (of the patches) is chocolate like, blue, red, creamy, blue-ish .


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